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Spruce Law’s Litigation Practice: Our Value Proposition

Legal Services Optimized. Spruce Law’s litigation team provides “big-firm” quality, highly responsive representation delivered with individualized service and unmatched value. We are seasoned legal professionals and industry experts, with pedigrees equal to those found at traditional law firms, but our highly innovative law firm structure enables us to serve your needs with maximum efficiency.

Simply put …we get it!

Litigation Services That Fit You. Your legal expenditures must be strategic and add value. Our experience working with businesses ranging from start-ups to established global enterprises informs our approach to your particular business needs. Our litigation group provides you and your business with strategic planning, risk-avoidance counsel and aggressive courtroom advocacy when necessary. Above all, our goals are to further your business interests and protect your bottom-line. We will help you predict, and control, both hard and soft costs of litigation.

Efficient, Common Sense, Results-Driven Model. Each client, and each case, presents a unique set of challenges. Your particular business goals are the most important aspects of any litigation. Somehow the legal profession has lost track of this. We have not.

Law firms traditionally bill business litigation at an hourly rate. But this model does not work with every business litigation challenge. Some cases are best served by a flat-fee or hybrid-fee arrangement. Alternative-fee arrangements may allow you to pursue claims that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Hiring our experienced litigation team means you will never be paying for on-the-job training for new associates. We strategically build our litigation teams to match the needs of each case, and we will never double-bill or overstaff your case.

Minimizing Litigation Disruptions, Maximizing Litigation Benefits. Our team becomes your trusted partner in minimizing the disruptive impact that litigation can have on your business when you are forced to defend against a lawsuit, or maximizing your efficiencies when you choose to litigate to resolve a dispute.

Litigation is not always the best answer to a problem. We will customize an ongoing plan to assure that when you are involved in litigation, we further your business interests, and whenever possible, avoid costly litigation in the first place.

Representative Litigation Matters

  • Successfully obtained an injunction preventing software company from shutting down large Blue Sky compliance clearinghouse.
  • Defended commercial construction company against Miller Act claims.
  • Defended copyright claims against book publisher.
  • Defended professional licensure actions.
  • Defended national bank against claims of breach of ERISA duties when acting as corporate fiduciary.
  • Defended contract claims against large local corporation related to a sports endorsement matter.
  • Defended hospital systems against claims of corporate negligence.
  • Defended physicians and other licensed professionals against claims for professional negligence.
  • Prosecuted claim against large local printing company related to theft of trade secrets.
  • Prosecuted claim against manufacturing company related to theft of trade secrets and poaching clients.
  • Prosecuted fraud case against collections office of a Regional Teaching Hospital.
  • Served as lead trial counsel in successful action against the New York City Transit Authority.
  • Represented large New Jersey condominium association in EIFS construction defect claims.
  • Represented construction contractor in breach of contract claims.
  • Represented large national bank in claims related to construction loan claims.
  • Represented municipal entity in state constitutional claims.
  • Represented waste hauler in municipal bid complaint.
  • Represented environmental remediation company in SuperFund claims.
  • Represented large residential home builder.
  • Represented group of CAFO operators challenging local zoning ordinance that violated state constitutional and statutory law.
  • Represented high net-worth condo owners in case brought under Pennsylvania’s Uniform Condominium Act.
  • Prevailed on appeal in premises liability case in New York State Court – First Department Appellate Division.
  • Representing an international wind turbine manufacturer/installer in connection with commercial and insurance disputes across the nation, including management of EU and U.S. e-discovery efforts.
  • Worked closely with the corporate holding company of a major medical system to reduce the number of medical malpractice claims against the holding company from more than 250 to less than five in two years.
  • Obtained a favorable verdict after a three week trial for an owner/developer in an action in Philadelphia Commerce Court involving claims by a minority partner of fraud and mismanagement of the development.
  • Obtained a favorable award in AAA arbitration for music distribution and licensing company against distributor for failing topay copyright and licensing fees in the face of a $10,000,000 claim of tortuous interference with the distributor’s customers.
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