Legal Services Programs

Spruce Law Legal Services Programs

At Spruce Law, we do not believe in “one-size-fits all” when it comes to fee arrangements.  We have developed a number of special legal services programs that are carefully customized and adapted to meet your precise legal needs.  We listen first and then structure our engagements.

With each program outlined below, you are given a single, primary point of contact (i.e., an account manager or Legal Quarterback, if you will) who:

  • streamlines communications;
  • ensures that the most appropriate and experienced lawyer works on each matter;
  • confirms that all representation and deliverables are responsive and timely; and
  • assists with legal fee budgeting and makes sure that all billing is commensurate with value conveyed.

General Counsel Plus (GC+) – This program is designed for companies with no in-house counsel or small in-house legal departments.  The primary benefit of this program is predictability of cost for comprehensive yet tailored legal coverage.  Click here for a full description of GC+.

Growth Stage Core Legal Services (Core) – This program provides comprehensive and centralized coverage for the entirety of a growth stage company’s needs: corporate and business contracts, employment, litigation, intellectual property, and real estate, all under one managed services contract.  The Legal Quarterback structures a dedicated account team that meets regularly (off the clock) to make sure that all representation in each service area is consistent with the company’s primary expansion goals, and thus is always “in context.”   With Core, you gain a coordinated team of advisors who are invested in the success of your company.  Click here for a full description of Core.

Customized In-House Counsel Support Services (CICSS) –  This program is designed for companies with larger and more established in-house legal departments that need centralized coverage, better predictability of cost for a certain part of its company’s legal needs (e.g., customer contracts, leasing, intellectual property), or increased coverage for a finite period of time or geographical region. Click here for a full description of CICSS.


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